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Terms and conditions to Placing a horse with HEROS

HEROS aims to re-home and retrain as many horses as possible into useful and fulfilling lives. Whilst there is no age limit on horses coming into HEROS, every referral has to be fully assessed verbally with the owner before we move forward. On the basis of the initial discussion, the horse may be visited by a HEROS representative and we will need a full veterinary report or vetting.

We do not take horses in to put them down as we consider this to be the owner’s own responsibility. However, our experienced and compassionate staff will be able to give you comprehensive advice and guidance to help you make the right decision for your horses future.

We mainly concentrate on horses who are able to retrain to do another job. However, we are also very pro-active and experienced at horses needing specialist care for rehabilitation following injury.

Obviously seasonality and current numbers on site restrict us but we do run a waiting list.

 Please do call to discuss your horse - if we can't help we may know someone else that can.


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