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 Rapporteur (pic left) was put to sleep in August 2012 with his friend Murphy (pic right without rug), called Assembly Dancer when in racing. They had been together here for 14 years although Rapporteur had been here for 3 years before Murphy arrived. They were both given to Grace after their racing careers which were so different.

Whereas Rapporteur ran 84 times over 7 seasons, Murphy raced 36 times over 4 seasons. Rapporteur was a middle distance flat horse and Murphy was dual purpose and never really found his distance, racing from mile on the flat to almost 3 miles over hurdles.

Rapporteur won a total of 19 races, all at Lingfield, breaking the course record on one occasion and after retirement, Lingfield named a race in his honour where he made an appearance to parade before the race. He returned there a few years ago on a HEROS Charity Race Day ,where he once again paraded for us and we were all so proud that at 23 years old he looked a picture and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Murphy’s career started inauspiciously with a ‘slipped up’ in a flat race at Naas and although managing a second place and 2 thirds he never won a race. However in retirement he was to be Rapp's boss, if he said to Rapp, let's give them the run around, he would steer Rapp away from being caught. They were a fine pair together and would always be seen at each other’s side picking grass.

Neither horse was an easy ride and Grace has lots of memories of being run away with, but they were the start of her desire to retrain and rehome ex-racehorses. Despite not being easy, they gave her so much and were full of character and gave her the boost to start re-homing the racehorses that came her way. So we have these two horses to thank for Grace starting HEROS in the hope that people have as much enjoyment with their ex-racehorses as she did with these two. Neither of them had been ridden for some time as Rapp’s long career had left him with knee problems and Murphy had a heart condition. They both enjoyed their last years as paddock friends with 2 other horses who will undoubtably miss them as we will here at HEROS.

Grace said 'It was a vey sad day but we knew it was coming as Rapp’s knee was getting progressively worse, to such an extent that we were worried that if he got down he wouldn’t be able to get up and that was something I did not want to happen. Murphy’s days were also numbered with his heart condition so it seemed kinder to let the 2 boys go together and minimise any distress . We know that they had a great many years of fun and happiness together and would have been miserable apart.  I am lucky to have been part of their lives and their legacy is the Charity HEROS which hopefully will go on for years to come helping other ex-racehorses to have happy fulfilled lives'.


We are extremely sad to announce that Its A Snip was put to sleep on New Year’s Eve 2010. He had appeared fine first thing in the morning at breakfast, but when checked a little later was showing signs of colic and the vet was immediately called. After sedation and examination the vet advised the only option was surgery, which at ‘Snippy’s’ age (25 – he would have been 26 on New Year’s Day), was not fair to consider and the decision was made for him to be peacefully put to sleep. A post mortem was carried out which indicated a twisted gut caused by a mass. We had always know that ‘Snippy’s’ days were numbered as he was suffering with Cushing’s disease, but this came very suddenly.

Snippy had been enjoying his last few days with his group of 3 other old timers. Despite the bad weather we had managed to get them out in the field for a few hours each day and the rest of the time all 4 of them were in a large straw corral which was warm and cosy.

We will remember him very fondly as he was a really lovely old gentleman and was quite a character. We have informed Charlie Mann who rode him to victory in the Pardubice and he was obviously very sad. 

He joins two other Club horses that we have had to say goodbye to in 2010 in Good Samaritan and Coin of the Realm. Both these horses had huge problems which finally got the better of them and impaired their quality of life.

We would like to pay tribute to all three who were all very special and wonderful boys.



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