Grants and Charitable Trusts

Thank you to all our Charitable trusts and grants; helping to fund and Support HEROS to better things.

A Family Trust

A Family Trust, which wishes to remain anonymous, has donated to HEROS and quote 'The Trustees are sure 2017 will see the monies being put to very good use in the amazing work HEROS does'

We are very grateful as the gift could not come to us at a better time; the onset of winter is a very hard time for us and is much more expensive. We are fighting hard to survive having had a large amount of funding stopped this year which has been replaced by funding per horse which is unsustainable as it means core funding is restricted




The Racing Foundation – 2016 Grant

HEROS would like to thank the Racing Foundation for its continued support:

"...the Foundation extended its support of a pioneering initiative, being developed by HEROS Charity to formalise a training and education programme in the field of retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses. The Trustees agreed multi-year funding to further develop, trial and market a range of activities, building on the significant progress made by a pilot project during 2015. The programme will also provide learning and employment opportunities for those interested in working within racing and related industries."

The Racing Foundation was established in January 2012 to oversee the distribution of funds to charitable causes within racing following the sale of the Tote. Since inception, the Racing Foundation has now granted over £1.8m to charities associated with the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry in the UK, supporting work in social welfare, education, training and participation, horse welfare, equine science research, and heritage and culture.

With support from The Racing Foundation, HEROS can make a start to develop, strengthen and quality-assure programmes to support delivery of the most effective re-training and re-homing for the horses that have served racing so well. 




HEROS was extremely lucky to receive a grant in 2012 from the British Horseracing Grant Scheme.  The grant was given for Marketing, Advertising and Running costs of a residential facility to promote safe, appropriate and long-term matches between thoroughbred ex-racehorses and new owners; to support education and training about life after racing; and to promote long-term thoroughbred welfare to the racing industry.

The proposed benefits should show a rise in the number of ex-racehorses re-trained and safely rehomed; a reduction in the number of horses returned to charities due to problems with riding; and greater levels of knowledge and skill through saddle as well as desk-based training for those in the industry about the scope and challenge of re-training and re-homing. 

The project meets the criteria of the British Horseracing Grant Scheme in that it “Improves the education and training of participants, including jockeys, stable staff and racehorse trainers, and meet their training needs in identified areas of concern.”

HEROS would like to acknowledge and thank the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the British Horseracing Authority for their support.

HEROS would like to acknowledge the generous grant received from The Racing Foundation in 2012 to floodlight the outdoor school, currently in situ at North Farm Stud. 

This exciting project will broaden HEROS possibilities a great deal. Initially the facility will improve the quantity of horses being re-homed due to the expansion of working hours in the winter months, offering flexible and preferred hours to potential clients. Additionally, staff will have prolonged periods of time to work with the horses on a one-to-one basis, giving essential schooling and attention which is desired by prospective horse owners. The growth of amenities will create a prestigious venue for all equine admirers, with a presence of professionalism.

The Fred and Marjorie Sainsbury Charitable Trust

The Camelia Trust

The Michael & Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust

In July 2013 have very kindly donated a sum of money to help HEROS with general running costs.

Petplan Charitable Trust

In March 2015 we were delighted to recieve a grant towards construction of a bespoke vertinary area to enable us to give more extensive care to HEROS horses on site.  Thank you 




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