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Terms and Conditions of Loaning a horse from HEROS

HEROS aims to rehome and retrain as many horses as possible into useful and fulfilling lives.

All the horses we loan are on a permanent and life-long basis, we only enter into short term loans in very exceptional circumstances.  We need responsible and caring loanees to take our horses  - loanees who understand the work and commitment we give to them when their racing days are over to prepare them for their new life.  It can be too easy to just send a horse back and that is why we spend considerable time ensuring the horse is ready for a new life and is correctly matched with the new loanee. 

The horses are on our website with a brief description and picture. If you are interested in arranging a visit, with a view to loaning a horse, please call the office to book an appointment.

Whenever possible we aim to arrange appointments at 11am or 2pm Monday-Friday and some Saturday mornings. We don't usually have appointments available on Sundays but if there is no alternative we will always try to accommodate you. We charge a £30 visit fee - this allows us to allocate a member of staff to you and give you as much time as you need during the visit.

Before arranging an appointment you will be asked several questions about your experience and will be asked to complete a loan application form - this helps us to ensure we show you suitable horses. 

You will be asked to make the visit donation to secure your booking which will be taken over the phone by credit or debit card. Bookings will only be confirmed once the visit payment has been recieved.

Once the horse has been rehomed we are always on hand to offer help and support. In the event that the match is unsuitable the horse can be exchanged within the first month.  After that time another donation and agreement would need to be entered into.  We are however realistic and look at each case individually.

Office number : 01488 638820 – Hilary Parsons (Charity Administrator)

Mobile number :            07770 877543 – Grace Muir (CEO of HEROS)

N.B. Any donations made to the Charity are non-refundable


If you see a horse you like or you would like to register for a future horse that wold suit your needs - please fill in and return our enquiry form - Click here.


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