Returning a HEROS Horse

Please bear the following in mind when you take on a HEROS horse. They are intended to be life long loans but we do recognise the fact that circumstances are sometimes out of your control and in difficult circumstances you may need to return your horse.

Terms and Conditions of Returning a loan horse to HEROS

At HEROS all the horses we loan are on a permanent and life-long basis, we only enter into short term loans in very exceptional circumstances.  We want responsible and caring loanees to take our horses who understand the work and commitment we give to them when their racing days are over.  It is too easy to just send a horse back and that is why the initial work we do, before you take a horse on is very important.  To this end you need to remember the following :

We will only exchange horses that are not suitable in the first month of the loan term. 

You must always give us a months notice or alternatively, in exceptional circumstances you will need to pay us a months keep when returning a horse.

You will be expected to pay transport costs for the return of the horse.

We want to build up a good working relationship with our loanees and would therefore expect transparency at all times, anything else can affect the horses in our care.

HEROS loan horses remain in our ownership, unless taken on as a loan to convert to a sale at a later date and therefore in the exceptional circumstances of them needing to come back it, would always be to us.

HEROS reserves the right to take the horse back if at any time the horse is not cared for to the standard we would expect and this would have made clear to the loanee, both in writing and verbally at the initial meeting.

Please note that any loan donations made for the horse are strictly non-refundable.


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